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Yo WhatsApp’s New Policy

No doubt you have seen the introduction of the Yo WhatsApp’ new policy. This Yo WhatsApp’ new policy mainly concerns the privacy of users, so everyone is very concerned. Therefore, the three questions of what the Yo WhatsApp’ new policy is, why it is relevant to users and what attitude users should take towards the new policy are of utmost importance and need to be answered urgently.


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What is Yo WhatsApp’s new policy?

  • Yo WhatsApp will use Facebook’s services to store and manage its chat logs.
  • Not notifying any member of a group other than the group administrator when you leave a group.
  • A ban on taking screenshots to view images at once.

Why is Yo WhatsApp’s new policy relevant to users?

  • As seen above, the new policies offered by Yo WhatsApp are all relevant to users’ privacy.
  • Firstly, the first policy, using Facebook’s service to store and manage Yo WhatsApp chat logs, and some users may be concerned whether this policy means that Yo WhatsApp chats are no longer secure.
  • secondly, the fact that leaving a group does not disturb other members, allowing users to avoid a lot of social awkwardness
  • finally, the new policy prohibiting screenshots of one-time view images further ensures that the user’s will not be violated by sending one-time view images.

What should users’ attitude be towards Yo WhatsApp’s new policy?

The unfortunate news is that if users do not accept Yo WhatsApp’s new policy, then your Yo WhatsApp will be restricted. But rest assured, your Yo WhatsApp will not be frozen. To the question of whether the new policy will compromise our privacy, the answer is – not at all! YoWhatsApp chats will always be encrypted end-to-end. You don’t have to worry about your chat history being accessed by others. It’s just that when you use Yo WhatsApp to interact with other businesses, that data will be shared with Facebook. On the flip side, one could even argue that the new policy increases Yo WhatsApp’s security and privacy. This is because your data is still safe, and others can no longer intercept one-off images you send at will or know when you have logged out from a group.

Users need not worry too much when it comes to Yo WhatsApp’s new policy. Trust in heymods’ commitment to make Yo WhatsApp a secure, private, free and ad-free app.


Users can take this Yo WhatsApp’s new policy with a grain of salt. This is the same as any previous update. Yo WhatsApp is doing its best to improve its features and create more convenient new features while satisfying users’ demands for a high level of privacy!

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