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Why your Yo WhatsApp account was banned and How to Fix it?

Why your Yo WhatsApp account be Blocked? 

Your account may get banned for using modified applications like Yo WhatsApp because they share the same server as the official WhatsApp. This enables WhatsApp to monitor our activities from their servers and detect any actions taken on the app, such as spamming or other similar activities.

Why your Yo WhatsApp account was banned and How to Fix it?

To prevent a potential ban, you can go to the “MODS” section and choose “Privacy settings,” followed by “Reset privacy.”

Avoiding certain functions will also guarantee complete safety from a ban.
Please following multiple messages simultaneously.

  1. Refrain from posting long-term statuses or sending abusive messages, as these actions may result in others reporting your phone number.
  2. Frequently uninstall and reinstall Yo WhatsApp, as this can cause technical issues.
  3. Sharing unwanted messages, pictures, and videos,
  4. Refrain from continuously removing multiple people from a group, as this can disrupt group dynamics.
  5. Setting automatic replies.

If you encounter issues with your Yo WhatsApp account, there are two ways to seek resolution.

  • Firstly, open the app and tap on “Request a Review” if you receive a message that your account has been restricted. On the next screen, provide details that support your case and submit a review request.
  • If the previous method does not address your issue, you can try reaching out to support team via email at [email protected] Below is an example email that you can use as a template, but feel free to modify it based on your specific situation.

To: [email protected]
Subject: My Account was deactivated

My number + is not workable now, and the system said my account has been banned, can you help me recover my number?


If you have any other problem, welcome to inform us!


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