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Aero WhatsApp

How to create a fake Aero WhatsApp account?

Did you have wanted to create a fake Aero WhatsApp account for various reasons? Actually, when many people hear about creating a fake account, they think that the account is for fraud. However, not all reasons are this, some people may want to separate their work from their life, or they may want to prevent online users from snooping.

How to send one time photo on WhatsApp Aero ?

As a mod version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero has improve a lots of features for people to use. It used to be that when you sent a photo on WhatsApp Aero, the person can see it as many times as they want. If you forgot to delete it, it was a disaster. Certainly, you can enable the deletion of a message on Aero WhatsApp, but the message can be viewed for a maximum of seven days in total.

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